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1、Unit 15 Learning,Lesson 1 Life-long Learning,Zhou WeiJiao Zuo No.11 Senior High School,Sayings about learning,Well begun, half done. Strike while the iron is hot. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. No pains, no gains. Nothing is difficult to the man who will try.,好的开始,成功了一半,趁热打

2、铁,千里之行始于足下,没有付出,就没有收获,世上无难事,只要肯尝试,There is no end to learning. Never too old to learn.,学无止境。,活到老,学到老。,sayings for Today:,What can you learn from these pictures?,People of all ages need to learn.,People of different jobs need to learn.,People of different ages and backgrounds are learning,Why do peop

3、le have life-long learning?,Read the text quickly and answer the two questions:,(1)What did the three people learn? (2)How did the three people learn?,Read aloud and fill in the table with detailed information,Decide whether the following statements are true or not,1) Sun Wen, 45 years old, failed t

4、o get into university through the college exam.2) Sun Wen will be promoted because of her new qualification. 3) Ms Tang is tired of being a full-time housewife at first. 4) Ms Tang has already set up her own company.5) In grandpa Chens opinion, after you retired, all you can do is switch off your br

5、ain and bury everything youve learnt.,F,T,F,F,F,Sun Wen, 28 years old,( )his college entrance exam, but he is about to graduate from Qinghua University with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering by ( )In the last four years, he has studied in the ( )and on weekends while taking a ( ). It is not

6、 easy, but it is worth it for he is getting ( )at work.,failed,distance learning,evenings,full-time job,promoted,Careful reading and retelling,Ms Tang, 45 years old, was ( ) three months ago. At fist, she enjoyed being a full-time housewife, but soon she felt bored and decided to do a ( ) course. So

7、 far, she has nearly finished the course and has made a plan for ( ) her own export company!,laid off,business,setting up,Careful reading and retelling,Careful reading and retelling,Grand Chen, 75 tears old, used to send letters( ) to his daughter in the US once a week, but it became too expensive b

8、ecause postage ( ). With the help of his grandson, he learned how to ( ) and use the Internet. He could see and talk to his grandchildren in the US on the i-cam. In addition, he is doing ( ) on the Internet.,by airmail,went up,email,an English course,In pairs, discuss ways that you can take part in

9、life-long learning after you finish school or university and why.,DISCUSSION,Learntobe,(学会做人),Learntodo,(学会做事),Learn to learn,(学会求知),Learn to get together.(学会共处),Summary,Homework:,Find more information about Long-lifelearning on the Internet. Write something about your learning in future. About 100 words.,Thank you for listening!,


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